Updated Shipping Schedule

Posted on April 18, 2021 by Susan Hayes

Due to the incredible response this is the current tentative shipping schedule. I understand that this is really confusing, but please read carefully before you email about ship dates. Looks like with the huge response to the Summer Sock Camp Yarn - we are back to the 8 week turn around time for orders placed beginning in the middle of April. 

The schedule will continually change as we progress through all of these orders! Read about all the details in the Update from the Studio Thread in our Ravelry Group.   

12129 - 12156 - 4/29         12157 - 12176 - 4/30

12177 - 12202 - 5/5           

Summer Sock Camp 2020 & 2021 Colorways ordered by 4/15 - estimated ship date is 5/15 (International - estimated ship date 5/5)

12203 - 12447 - 5/20         12492- 12691 - 5/21          

12692 - 12742 - 5/27         12744 - 12848 - 5/28

12850 - 12937 - 6/2           12938 - 12962 - 6/14

The following invoice #'s will have two separate ship dates due to Summer Sock Camp  and regular stock on the same invoice. The regular items will ship according to the regular shipping schedule.

12252, 12347, 12416, 12450, 12521, 12533, 12537, 12635, 12850, 12917

More info on the Summer Sock Camp Yarn - The response to this colorway has been approximately 300% more than what we anticipated over last  year. We think we have a pretty good plan to get it done by May 15th. There may be circumstances that might slow things down (i.e. weather, supplies or illness) that may be out of our control. If this happens, I will keep you up to date of any changes.

2021 travel schedule that will effect the shipping schedule - 

June 3 - 10

Thanks in advance for your support and patience!

This schedule will change as we begin working on these orders. This schedule does take into account holidays and days I will be out of town. This schedule does not take into account things we may not be able to control, such as the the inability to get wholesale product, the weather and illness.


We thank each and everyone of you that has supported Desert Vista Dyeworks this entire year! It has been absolutely incredible!!!!


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