Updated Shipping Schedule

Posted on August 20, 2019 by Susan Hayes

Holy Smokes! You guys blew up the shop in June!!!! The Halloween Sock knitting is going to be awesome this year! As you can see with the number of order, plus dyeing for SSK, plus driving to and from SSK - the shipping schedule has stretched into September. We are "officially" back to  a 5-6 week turnaround time, as of 7/27/19.

Please be patient with this schedule! It does generally get quicker once we get back from traveling and get those dye pots boiling.

The biggest of hugs to all of you!!!


**Due to the incredible response this is the current tentative shipping schedule.**

7831 - 7859 - 8/21

7860 - 7902 - 8/23

7904 - 7937 - 8/28

7938 - 8016 - 8/30

8017  - 8054 - 9/4

8056 - 8072 - 9/6

8073 - 8106 - 9/11

8113 - 8141 - 9/13

Here is my tentative travel schedule for 2019. I always try my best to lessen the impact on the dye studio. 

August 15 - 19

October 11 - 23 

This schedule will change as we begin working on these orders. This schedule does take into account holidays and days I will be out of town. This schedule does not take into account things we may not be able to control, such as the weather and illness.

***I just found out from one our wonderful customers that First Class US Shipping tracking numbers can also be used on Canada's Post website!***

We thank each and everyone of you that has supported Desert Vista Dyeworks this entire year! It has been absolutely incredible!!!!


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